Alter Ego Essential Densifying Lotion (12 x 7ml)



此品付款之前請WhatsApp 68896000溝通存貨情況/發貨日期事宜 Apr 2024: 此產品暫時斷貨, 購買前請先查詢有沒有貨 Nov 8 2023 update: 供應商通知, 由於Alter Ego Essential Densifying Lotion改包裝,2個月後才到貨 Apr 10 2024: 該產品暫時缺貨, 如有需要請隨時查詢 Densifying, thickening lotion made with natural essential oils. The synergy of the oils restores the correct biological cycle of the hair, deeply nourishing the hair bulb. Kind to the skin. USE Apply to washed hair, massaging it into the scalp until completely absorbed. Shake well before use. Do not rinse ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - CRAMBE ABYSSINICA OIL: strengthens and nourishes the bulb of the hair - EUCALYPTUS LEAF EXTRACT: antiseptic and soothing properties - PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: refreshing, detangling, antiseptic and disinfecting properties FREE FROM SULPHATES/PARAFFIN WAXES/ SILICONES/ ALCOHOL 12 x 7 ml AEI 9193 功效: 促進角蛋白質生產, 令髮質強韌及回復健康;回復生長週期,加強頭皮的新陳代謝;激活頭皮中的微細血管的血液循環;不含酒精成份,為敏感頭皮而設 用法:使用Alter Ego Botanikare 活髮防脫洗髮露後用毛巾刷乾頭髮及頭皮,平均塗在上頭皮,按摩至完全滲透 ,不用沖洗。使用前請先搖勻。 特別配方: 天竺葵 (GERANIUM) - 深層潔淨 薰衣草油(ESSENTIAL OILS OF LAVANDER)、 佛手柑(BERGAMOT) - 舒緩及放鬆 玫瑰草(PALMAROSA) 、葡萄柚(GRAPEFRUIT)、檸檬(LEMON)- 保濕及促進毛髮生長