Alter Ego Gentle Detangler Conditioner




此品付款之前請WhatsApp 68896000溝通存貨情況/發貨日期事宜 (由於品牌會按時轉換包裝, 舊包裝清貨後發的會是新包裝,歡迎隨時查詢) ACTION Lightweight, moisturizing conditioner for a complete after-shampoo treatment. Gently detangles the hair, leaving it light, soft and silky without dragging it down. USE Apply evenly to lengths and ends. Leave to work for a few minutes then rinse. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - SESAME OIL: strengthens and brightens - ARGAN OIL: revitalizes, strengthens and moisturizes - WHEAT PROTEIN: moisturizing and conditioning properties FREE FROM SULPHATES/PARAFFIN WAXES/ SILICONES/ SYNTHETIC DYES 300ml AEI 9182