Alter Ego Italy MY COLOR Ammonia-free permanent hair colour




注意: 本店所有盒裝產品有可能會在速遞運送過程中與其他物件碰撞而導致盒子稍微凹陷 介意慎拍 🙏🏻 BENEFITS - 100% grey cover - Protects the hair fibre - Elevated cosmetic action - Incredibly beautiful colors, true to chart - Infinite possibilities to inspire creative customized coloring services - Pleasant & delicate fragrance - Intense and brilliant color directions - Reliable final color results - High lifting power (up to 4 levels) - Maximum personalization ACTION - Hydrating and anti-oxidizing action - Anti-age effect PLUS - My color, the professional high-performance color, its ultra gentle and timeless formula is enriched with precious anti-oxidizing properties - The special synergy between Coactivator Cream and My Color guarantees a delicate and complete developing action of the micro-color pigments for intense and brilliant nuances 優勢 -100%遮蓋灰髮 -保護頭髮纖維 -美容效果增強 -令人難以置信的美麗色彩,符合圖表 -激發創意定制著色服務的無限可能 -愉悅細膩的香氣 -強烈而鮮明的色彩方向 -可靠的最終色彩結果 -高提升力(最多4級) -最大程度的個性化 行動 -保濕和抗氧化作用 -抗衰老作用 加上 -我的色彩,專業的高性能色彩,其超柔和永恆的配方富含珍貴的抗氧化性能 -Coactivator Cream和My Color之間的特殊協同作用確保了微色顏料的細膩而完整的顯影作用,帶來細膩而明亮的顏色效果。

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