Alter Ego Silk Blend Oil 100ml




此品付款之前請WhatsApp 68896000溝通存貨情況/發貨日期事宜 注意: 細支裝50 mL缺貨, 現在只供應100ml SILK BLEND OIL Beautifying oil treatment for hair. Beautifying oil treatment for hair. Luxury treatment for both natural and treated hair. Delivers instant shine and softness. Blend of precious nourishing and taming oils. Ideal for unruly and frizz hair. Regenerates dull and stressed hair. All formulations are developed WITHOUT sulphates, parabens and petrolatum to respect the hair structure as much as possible. Silk Oil is the complete range of treatment products dedicated to nourish and smoothen the fiber, making hair softer, brighter and easier to manage. It instantly makes the hair feel luxurious, transforming it for a long lasting sensation of unique silkiness. The product family completes the other haircare lines, by providing additional nourishment and maintaining bounce. Use: Apply a few drops on damp hair before styling for extra protection and flexibility or to dry hair for added shine. Active Ingredients: URBAN SHIELD - It creates an anti pollution shield that protects hair from the aggression of external agents. ARGAN OIL - Provides nourishment, moisture and deep protection. Prevents split ends and protects hair from heat source. COCONUT OIL - Maintains hair shiny, soft and healthy. Reinvigorating and regenerating properties for the hair fiber. SHEA BUTTER - Repairing, protective, nourishing, firming and moisturizing properties. Long lasting soft and shiny hair. 適合所有髮質使用 特點:令頭髮回復光澤發亮麗,提昇滋潤度及令幼弱無力的頭髮回覆光澤 用法:造型或吹髮前塗在濕頭髮塗上,可以保護頭髮;造型後塗在乾髮上,令頭髮更有亮澤及防止毛燥

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