Dermacol Black Magic Detox and Pore Purifying Peel-Off Mask/Dermacol 活性炭排毒面膜



BENEFITS: This peel-off mask eliminates blackheads from your skin and detoxifies the problematic T-zone. The activated vegetable charcoal cleanses your skin, while Aloe Vera soothes it. DESCRIPTION: The Detoxifying Peel-Off Mask with activated charcoal eliminates blackheads and thoroughly removes any impurities and dead skin cells. Thanks to its absorption properties, the activated vegetable charcoal detoxifies your skin, cleanses and absorbs any excessive sebum. It also includes Aloe Vera, which has soothing properties. With its surface and composition, the Detoxifying Peel-Off Mask naturally removes all kinds of toxins from your skin that are produced by skin microorganisms. Suitable for all skin types. USE: Apply twice to three times weekly in an even layer onto cleansed skin. Leave on until completely dry, then peel off. RESULT: Thoroughly cleansed and detoxified skin with enhanced blood circulation. 中文名稱: 活性炭排毒面膜 英文名稱: Black Magic Mask 產品編號: 5163 產品容量: 150ml 適合肌膚: 經皮膚科專家測試, 適合所有肌膚使用 主要成份: 活化炭,蘆薈 使用方法: 建議每週兩次至三次, 均勻塗抹在潔淨的皮膚上. 保持開啟直至完全乾燥, 然後剝離. 徹底清潔皮膚和解毒, 增強血液循環.

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