Dermacol Blush & Glow creamy blush/Dermacol高光絲滑腮紅膏 6.5g




BENEFITS * In 7 shades * Brightens your skin and makes it glow * Light, easy-to-apply creamy formula * Practical packaging DESCRIPTION This fine creamy blush is the ideal beauty aid for fresh contouring and skin brightening. It will provide a glowing, young and fresh look to your skin. Thanks to its creamy texture that is very easy to apply and spread, it perfectly adheres to the skin. The blush is suitable for all skin types. The creamy texture does not make wrinkles as visible as a powder blush does, so it can also be used on mature skin. The blush is available in 7 shades, so every woman can choose the right one for her regardless of whether her natural skin has pink, olive or yellow undertones. It comes in a practical stick packaging, so you can carry it in your purse and apply it as needed any time during the day. Coverage: Light to medium Skin type: For all skin types 適合所有膚質 產品色號:3430少女粉,3431珊瑚橘,3432桃粉色,3433暖豆沙,3434薔薇色,3435蜜桃色,3436乾玫瑰色 自然妝效,讓你活力好氣色,淡淡不會太誇張,溫柔持久