Dermacol Highlighting Click Touch and Cover Concealer / Dermacol 亮彩遮瑕筆




BENEFITS A glowing look with just one click – practical packaging Illuminating texture DESCRIPTION Thanks to its velvety smooth formula with light reflecting micro-pigments, the Touch and Cover Concealer reliably covers small skin imperfections and leaves your skin glowing. It can also tackle dark circles under your eyes and other signs of fatigue. Suitable for all skin types. The concealer is wrapped in a magic click pen, which makes its applying fun. Paraben-free. USE The Touch and Cover name of the concealer indicates that it is really easy and quick to use. Apply in the morning as part of your make-up routine and any time throughout the day when you need to freshen up. Apply with the brush on the problematic parts of your face that you wish to cover or highlight, especially the eye, nose and lip area. Before to first use, it is necessary to repeatedly press the click mechanism to release the product from the protective container. RESULT:  Glowing skin without any signs of fatigue or small imperfections. 適合所有膚質, 不含防腐劑 特別是眼睛, 鼻子和嘴唇區域 多用途的亮彩筆 仿如魔法棒, 遠遠超越一般遮瑕筆, 光亮柔潤, 色澤明亮, 捕捉及反射光線, 塑造輪廓, 消除暗啞及遮蓋瑕疵、淡化細紋, 輕巧設計方便, 可隨時隨地於任何場合補妝使用

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