Dermacol Pretty Matte Lipstick




BENEFITS Intense color pigments Non-drying formula A large selection of shades DESCRIPTION This incredibly matte lipstick with a highly pigmented, creamy and soft texture ensures an intense color effect for your lips. It perfectly adheres to the lips and does not dry out them. Thanks to the wide range of nude and distinctive shades, your lips will be beautified in trendy totally matte colors. USE Apply one layer evenly onto your lips. Then place a tissue between your lips and press them together. Then apply another layer of lip stain. For a better result, we recommend using a lip pencil to contour your lips. RESULT Perfectly matte and beautifully made-up lips. 特性 強烈的彩色顏料 不干燥配方 多種陰影 描述 這款令人難以置信的啞光唇膏,具有高度著色,乳脂狀和柔軟的質地,可為您的嘴唇帶來強烈的色彩效果。 它完美附著在嘴唇上,不會使嘴唇乾燥。 得益於廣泛的裸色和獨特的陰影,您的嘴唇將以時尚的完全啞光色被美化。 用法 在嘴唇上均勻塗抹一層。 然後在嘴唇之間放一塊紙巾,然後將它們壓在一起。 然後再塗一層唇彩。 為了獲得更好的效果,我們建議使用唇筆為嘴唇輪廓。 效果 完美啞光和妝容精美的雙唇。

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