ILIADA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chili Flavor/特级初榨橄榄油辣椒味 250ml



Made in Greece 希臘製造 Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a fiery chilli aftertaste, perfect for spicy food enthusiasts. It builds up in your mouth to produce a spicy after taste. Perfect for spicy lover. How to use: Add it to soups, stews, rice, grilled meat, roasted vegetables, fajitas, Risotto, pizza, mix with any element with huge varieties. 特级初榨橄榄油加入火热的辣椒味,非常适合吃辣爱好者。 它在你的口腔内,积聚辛辣的回甘,完美的辣情人。 如何使用: 将它添加到汤,炖肉,米饭,烤肉,烤蔬菜,烩饭,比萨,拌入任何调味料。