Ovelle Formula 176 Zinc Cream 15% w/w 50G 愛爾鋅軟膏15% w/w 50克



Ovelle Formula 176 Zinc Cream 15% w/w 50G 愛爾鋅軟膏15% w/w 50克 2022年2月14日更新: 由於疫情關係, 此產品倉庫運作有特殊安排, 購買此產品發貨日期需要一星期時間, 如有不便請見諒, 購買前可以先WhatsApp 68896000 溝通🙏🏼 注意: 購買此產品請選擇”運費到付” For this item. For delivery fee, please choose “SF express cash on delivery” FORMULA 176 ZINC CREAM 15% W/W 所有人仕適用,包括初生嬰兒及長者. 獨特低敏配方.含有甘油名洋甘菊精華滋潤皮膚.溫和不刺激.敏感肌適用. 不含高敏性防腐劑,界面活性劑,起泡劑,酒精及香料.皮膚好幫手. 這是一款專門為嬰幼兒研制的產品,對於嬰幼兒常見的濕疹/小紅疙瘩/紅屁屁之類的問題都有幫助。不含香料,不含防腐劑,不含硫酸鹽,不含羊毛脂以及不含酒精。它適用於各個年齡段。擁有日常保護屏障無敏配方,富含愈合功效的鋅以及甘菊來幫助肌膚修復。 使用方法: 尿布疹 每次在寶寶更換尿布時為了舒緩和保護皮膚免受刺激,應先用濕巾或者清水洗淨寶寶的臀部,再將屁屁霜塗抹,以免細菌滋生。 輕微的皮膚刺激以及表面的傷口和燒傷: 清潔受影響區域後進行塗抹,以免細菌滋生( 如果症狀持續,請咨詢醫生)。 可以根據需要多次使用。 注意事項: 避免接觸眼睛,如果產品進入眼睛,請立即用大量水衝洗。 放在兒童接觸不到的地方 僅供外部使用。 儲存方式:低於25℃ Enriched with healing Zinc & Camomile to soothe and protect skin. FREE FROM PARABENS, SULFATES & LANOLIN. DIAPER RASH MINOR SKIN IRRITATIONS SUNBURN Formula176 Cream is a product specially developed for infants and young children. It is helpful for problems such as eczema/small red scorpion/red buttocks that are common in infants and young children. Fragrance-free, preservative-free, sulfate-free, lanolin-free and alcohol-free. It is suitable for all ages. It has a daily protective barrier-free formula, zinc-rich healing and chamomile to help skin repair. Instructions: 1. Diaper rash Every time the baby changes the diaper, in order to soothe and protect the skin from irritation, the baby's buttocks should be washed with a wet wipe or water, and then the butt cream should be applied to avoid bacterial growth. 2. Slight skin irritation and surface wounds and burns: Apply after cleaning the affected area to prevent bacterial growth (if your symptoms persist, please consult your doctor). It can be used as many times as needed. Precautions: 1. Avoid contact with eyes. If the product gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. 2. placed out of reach of children 3. For external use only. Storage method: Below 25 ° C Manufacturer Ovelle Ltd., Dundalk, Ireland. Made in Ireland