Ovelle Sun Cream SPF30 100ml/愛爾防曬潤膚乳SPF30 100毫升



2022年2月14日更新: 由於疫情關係, 此產品倉庫運作有特殊安排, 購買此產品發貨日期需要一星期時間, 如有不便請見諒, 購買前可以先WhatsApp 68896000 溝通🙏🏼 購買此產品請選擇”運費到付” For this item. Please choose SF express cash on delivery Features: One tube for ALL family members (including infants) Water-resistant Allergen free Paediatrican approved for newborn Clinically proven to be kind and mild to skin. Oil free formula without compromising the highest protection. Lightweight, suitable for travelling Made in Ireland Ovelle is fully licensed by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) – formerly the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) – to manufacture multi-dose liquid, semi-solid and solid pharmaceuticals operating under cGMP/GDP/GLP quality control systems. This manufacturing licence is recognised in all countries of the EU. Ovelle hold an IMP license to carry out Clinical trial to support the highest standards in skincare formulation. Ovelle is licensed to produce skincare in the following categories: Licensed medicines Medical device skincare Cosmetic skincare Ecocert natural & organic skincare