SynergieCare Intensive Care Mask




SynergiCare Intensive Care Mask is a repair mask that is designed for fragile or weakened hair. This protein rich formula helps to fortify compromised hair. The exclusive PhytoKeramix Wheat Proteins and Ceramides forms a protective layer around the hair. The controlled acid pH ensures the closure of cuticles, providing a healthier look. Hair will recover its brightness,softness and fullness. Intesive care mask comes in a 1000ml salon size or 250ml retail size. SynergiCare強效護理髮膜是專為脆弱或脆弱的頭髮而設計的修復髪膜。 含豐富蛋白質的配方有助於強化受損的頭髮, 獨特的PhytoKeramix小麥蛋白和神經酰胺在頭髮周圍形成保護層。 平衡酸鹼度可確保表皮閉合,提供更健康的外觀。 頭髮將恢復其亮度,柔軟度和豐滿度。 強效護理髪膜有1000毫升沙龍級容量或250毫升零售容量。