Vifa Molding Clay - Extra Hold, Non Shine/髪泥 - 特硬, 唖光150ml



- Soft and innovative clay for having strong control which is accompanied with slight shine finish - Allows easy styling in being able to shape and texturize well; Easy to wash off - Does not harden upon application and versatile in creating all sorts of hairstyles, including slickback - Requires a tiny amount which proves to go a long way and provides amazing hold through the day - Comes with a slight fruity smell - Vifa is one of the oldest hair brands established in Hong Kong; Satisfaction is guaranteed - Best suited for people with short to medium hair length - 柔軟創新的髮泥,具有很強的控制力,具備啞光時尚效果 - 易於造型,能夠很好地塑形和變形; 百份百水溶性,容易清洗 - 不會因應用而變硬,並且在創建各種髮型(包括回彈)方面具有通用性 - 需要極少量,事實證明它能走很長一段路,並能在一天中提供驚人的保持力 - 帶有些許水果味 - Vifa是香港最古老的髮飾品牌之一; 滿意得到保證 - 最適合中短髮的人